21 8 / 2013

you think I’m playing around right now? 
you mess with the best friend, you best be watching out for the arm fat, cause imma smother yo ass.

you think I’m playing around right now? 

you mess with the best friend, you best be watching out for the arm fat, cause imma smother yo ass.

29 7 / 2013

Anonymous said: It's ridiculous that promoting being fat and unhealthy is okay on the Tumblr Tags but ProAna, which promotes thin and unhealthy isn't.

Let me ask you something…

Do you know what my blood pressure is? why cholesterol level? the size I wear in clothes, or how much I even weigh?


You don’t know my fucking health, so don’t presume to tell me that I’m unhealthy.


Pro starving yourself

Pro denying your body the nutrients you need to survive.

The fatspo tag isn’t full of people going “Holy fuck man, eat as much as you can and only then will you be worthy.”


Jesus fucking christ. whine some more please.

17 7 / 2013

and I see cute selfies, inspirational quotes and pictures… etc


but then I see the fat shamers >:(


06 7 / 2013

"Ask yourself why a fat person’s self love is not just any other person learning to love themselves but a means of fucking survival."

05 7 / 2013


i thank god everyday that im not fat

too bad, cause we’re kinda awesome.

03 7 / 2013

there’s nothing quite as invigorating as being hated on the internet

26 6 / 2013

Ugh. I love how many selfies I’ve taken with food.

unf I’m gorgeous ;)

25 6 / 2013

you wanna know why thinspo has a warning and fatspo doesn’t?

It’s because fatspo celebrates every type of body.

It does not “glorify obesity”… That’s a separate topic entirely.

Fatspo is about loving your body no matter what.

it’s a welcoming community that doesn’t judge you according to your size. 

now can you all just shut the fuck up?

09 6 / 2013

09 6 / 2013

28 5 / 2013

if you are overweight and want to change: that’s ok!

I think there are a lot of bloggers out there who look down on people who drastically change their body shape.

It’s about being healthy!

If you being the size you are makes you uncomfortable, tired, unhappy, and depressed, then by all means lose weight, gain muscle…etc 

But if you’re a big girl who loves her body and wouldn’t want it any other way, then keep doing you! 

I think some big girls get so worked up about thin privilege that they forget what this whole problem is about.

It’s about not feeling comfortable in your skin.

If we don’t want people looking down on us for being big, we can’t look down on others for being small. 

It’s about what makes you comfortable and healthy as a human being, whether that happens to be a size 2 or a size 22.

You’re the most beautiful when you feel happy and confident. 

28 5 / 2013

are you fucking kidding me?

are you fucking kidding me?

27 5 / 2013

You are worthy of love.

Your body is beautiful no matter the shape.

Health is more important than dress size.

The only person who needs to find you attractive is you.

A beautiful personality and self-love are more important than the opinions of the ignorant. 

It’s ok to improve yourself, but it shouldn’t be for someone else’s benefit.

Now repeat after me: "I am beautiful"

07 7 / 2012

What makes you say I’m not pretty. Yeah, I’m not a size 4. But when did that define beauty? I know plenty of people who are size four, and there souls are shiveled up peices ofshit.Yeah, I can’t shop at American Eagle, but I can love with more passion and zeal than anyone I know. It’s unfair that I’m passed over because my butt won’t fit into those jeans. Fuck you guys, I have a good heart, and I love so much. I don’t understand why being a good person isn’t enough anymore. When I smile at you, Iglow.I FUCKING GLOW. but you don’t notice my smile or my heart because my waist is thicker than a 2 by 4.